• the_novel_idealist

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It was a bleak Sunday morning, a Sunday marred by fears for another week at the office ahead, where it happened. One man had an idea, an idea that would change everything.

How might the world change, he thought, if a group of writers were unleashed upon the world, shackled by the time restraints only a high pressure challenge could provide.

There, in that moment, the 15 Minute Fiction Week challenge was born, and in the week that followed, a band of writers released their talents into the Instagram world.

Within these pages, you will be able to read some of those stories.

The 15 Minute Fiction Week was a challenge set by @the_novel_idealist for all those daring wordsmiths who wished to take part.

The challenge? It was simple.

One image. 15 minutes. Think of, plan, and write a 100 word story, or a poem. Share for all the world to see...

So while you have the time to spare, why not take a look at a selection of those stories.

Think you could do better? Well, too late. Maybe next time...

Follow the hashtag #15minutefictionfriday to take part in the weekly challenge, if you dare..